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Young Chiropractic

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3447 W. Central
Wichita, KS 67203
Phone: (316) 729-7277
Fax: (316) 729-6825

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Dr. Young's History

1965 Wichita West High School,
Gymnastics State Champion

1969-74 Kansas Air National Guard

1972 Wichita State University,
B.A. Education, Gymnastics Scholarship

1972-78 Physical Education Instructor,
Varsity Gymnastics Coach in Topeka and

1979-82 Palmer College of Chiropractic,
Davenport, IA, Doctor of Chiropractic

1982-86 Chiropractic work in Tahlequah, OK, Phoenix, AZ and Wichita, KS

1986-94 Chiro-Plus Kinesiology in Wichita

1994-Present Young Chiropractic in West Wichita

Post Doctoral Education

    Applied Kinesiology (80 hours)
    Chiro-Plus Kinesiology Certificate (100+ hours)
    Acupuncture Certificate (100 hours)
    Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (100 hours)
    National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association NUCCA (100+ hours)
    Spinal Orthopedic Neurological Advanced Research SONAR (100+ hours)

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Client Testimonials

My Focus & Clarity Have Returned.

Every since I started coming to Dr. Young, I feel like my body is thanking me. For coming back, I’m more healed and it feels like my body is more aligned so it can even heal itself. My focus and clarity have returned. I’m not groggy and my stress level is way low. The stress from my physical pain is gone which is nice, because before Young Chiropractic it was a constant in my life. Thanks Dr. Young.

Jennifer Bagby


I Know Where To Go When I Have Vertigo!

Bruce found me on the floor. I was so nauseated that I couldn’t  get up from the floor because of the pain and everything was spinning. They called the ambulance and after evaluating me they thought perhaps I had a stroke. I had an MRI to make sure my brain was ok.  After all the testing they said. “We can’t find anything wrong with you. You haven’t had a stroke, so we are going to send you home."  

After struggling off and on since 2008 with Vertigo (Dizziness), I’m glad that I know that adjusting my atlas helps me. Instead of being sent home with no answers, I go to Dr. Young. Coming to his office makes life worth living. Thank you Dr. Young.

Debbie Shepard


Even My GP Agrees Dr. Young Does Good Work!

When I told my GP about, my chiropractor Dr. Young, he listened because he had seen notable improvements with my neck.  I told him that Dr. Young spent each session evaluating where I needed the most work done and where it would be most beneficial. Normally my doctor would steer me clear of a chiropractor, but he could clearly see the results of work I've had done at Young Chiropractic has done for me. So not only do I give Dr. Young the highest recommendation, but my GP agrees. Thanks Dr. Young.

Terry Clark.

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